SoundTaxi - Any Music (Audio) and Video Converter
Easily convert any your music and movie files to MP3, M4A (iPod), WMA or WAV (audio) and MP4, AVI (DivX) or WMV (video) at high speed and CD quality - legally.
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- Media Converter to convert ANY audio and video files (ST Pro+VideoRip).
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Convert ANY Audio and Video Files
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Do you want an absolute freedom for your media files? It's possible, just convert audio or video file that you have with SoundTaxi Pro+VideoRip. Any video or audio file that can be played on your computer will be converted at ultra fast speed. Output formats for audio are MP3M4A, WMA & WAV, for video - MP4, WMV & AVI.

Convert ANY Audio at up to 50x speed!
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Do you love music and want to take it with you everywhere? Then SoundTaxi Professional was created for you. An ultimately fast audio converter for your music files ships with the FREE CD Ripper. Using a batch mode you can convert your audio library to MP3M4A, WMA or WAV format up to 50 times faster than the original playback speed.

Convert ANY Audio Files
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Do you need just a simple converter for your music? Then choose SoundTaxi Platinum. It costs little, but does its job well. You can easily and fast (2 simultaneous conversions and 6x conversion speed) convert your audio files to one of the commonly used formats (MP3M4A, WMA or WAV).
Convert video to audio - MP4 to MP3 etc.

Save Web Video
Catch, Rip and Save video from almost any web site! Just keep RipTiger open, browse the web, watch videos and they will be downloaded to your hard drive in the background. As simple as that!

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Main Features
very easy to use and install
unprotects practically all audio and video files
batch mode for converting or unprotecting large song collections
customizable compression level and output format
super fast conversion, up to 50x the playback speed in batch mode

System Requirements
Vista x32
Vista x64
Windows 2003 x32
Windows 2003 x32
Windows XP x32
Windows XP x64
Microsoft's MediaPlayer 9 or higher,
Apple's QuickTime 7.1 or higher,
Real Player installed
(depending on original media files format)
Compatible with
Windows 7 x32/x64
Compatible with
Windows 8 x32/x64

Thank you very much. I look forward to trying everything out this weekend. I appreciate your courteous and effective customer support. I could only hope other companies could model their support after yours. I am normally in a very nasty mood after even the simplest of encounters with most companies. Thank you Natalie and thank you SoundTaxi!

– Rick Ward

Thank you very much. I was really worried! :) I appreciate your prompt response and solution. I am glad your support team was so easy to deal with. I also would like to say how great a Sound Taxi is, and that I've been very satisfied with it's results and your customer service!

– Jamie

Wow!!! Your customer service is not only prompt, but exceptional. Thank you very much. SoundTaxi Pro+VideoRip is an excellent program. It was worth every penny spent. I'm quite interested in researching what other programs are available from your company. The product quality and customer service is unlike any other I've come across from software manufacturers.

– Nelson Ramirez

Thank you so much! I'm really sorry to bother you so many times... You are very good to me and as I love your products I will be your loyal customer forever. Thanks again,

– Edgar Diz

I recently purchases sound taxi pro. I wanted to let you all know what an excellent product you have there! I have been burned before with other software but soundtaxi does everything advertised. thank you for such an excellent product!

– Justin Simoni

I just wanted to share that I have been using SoundTaxi for several years now and love, love, love it. Now, with the new video version, it is even better. I love being able to move my purchased music and video to a different computer, if I wish to watch on the road. It is a very easy program to use and customer support is great.

– Jacqui Tolin 7/22/2008 5:17 PM

Thank you very much. Your response was quick and solved my problem. I am now able to use the software again. I will continue to recommend this program to my friends in the future as I have done in the past. I will be sure to let them know that the customer service is also excellent. Thanks again,

– Philip Tyson pctyson@gmail.com Sun 3/1/2009 5:08 PM

It worked and it is up and running. Your software is really terrific. When I was looking for a “fix” I goggled “Sound Taxi” and found a site where people had posted their experience. The first two posts were not positive. I went back and posted my experience which was wonderful. I love the software, but MORE importantly, so far every time I have had problems, you have helped me. That is terrific customer support. Considering I paid $15 for this software eight months ago and I have received 2 service e-mails both time fixing my problems, it is probably the best value for my dollar I have spent on anything for my computer….not to mention the fact that I can use my music on my i-pod, or my windows based player….terrific. I simply could not imagine a better experience. Thank you again,

– Tue 3/3/2009 7:54 PM Chuck Sackler, Esq BioForce UNA